Free Haircuts For The Homeless

Driven by the belief that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, deserves to feel a basic level dignity and self-respect, Berber Ricky Benns donates his talents to the homeless of Dallas/Ft Worth.

Through his own very personal struggles, Ricky understands the challenges faced by the homeless. Challenges that many just can’t acknowledge without having been there themselves. Knowing that access to proper grooming and personal care is limited, Ricky gives away haircuts to allow those who want one to feel the confidence and pride a great haircut provides.

Whether a new cut will help one’s forward progress towards getting a job and off the streets, or it lets them present themselves to family and friends without shame, we want to be the source to facilitate that goal.

Serving the community in Dallas, we provide free haircuts to the homeless on a specific day of the month. Contact Ricky for more information as to the date and availability of free haircuts. We promise respectful care with a smile.

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